MTI Engineering and ET Global offer a collaborative complete service package which includes the following:

Design of Civil & Structural Reinforced Concrete Structures

  • Reinforced Concrete Foundations, Slabs, Tunnels, Crusher Structures & Monoliths, Front-Ends etc.
  • Civil Engineering Designs

Design of Structural Steel Structures for Mining Applications

  • Static and Dynamic Plant Structures (Crushing, Screening, XRT, Front-Ends etc.)
  • Conveyor Systems
  • EMV Workshops & Large Industrial Structures
  • Overhead Crane Support Structures

Structural Inspections and Structural Safety Audits, Risk Assessments

  • Specialist Inspection, Risk Quantification & Maintenance Assessments

Mine and Process Plant Structural Refurbishment Projects

  • Complete Follow-up to Audit Repair and Construction Services to Damaged Plant Structures

Forensic Structural Inspections, Analyses, Reports and Root Cause Analyses

  • Specialist Failure Analysis and Reporting Services
  • Structural Forensic Investigations and key partnerships with Forensic Metallurgists

Construction and Site Erection Services

  • Reinforced Concrete & Structural Steel Construction
  • Brownfields and Greenfields Construction

Shop Detailing Services

  • Complete Service Bundle of Design to Detailing of Projects

Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Fabrication of Structural Steel and Plate-work
  • Plant Structures, Chutes, Bins, Under-pans, Tanks etc.

Corrosion Protection Services